Undoubtedly small and medium enterprises, commonly referred to as SMEs, have become widespread all over the world. SMEs contribute largely to any country’s economy and are particularly major in developing economies.

These companies have a small number of employees and are either into selling products or offering services. Just like big conglomerates, SMEs require a huge investment in developing the business. This is not just in terms of funding but also technological advancements to enhance growth. So what are the IT needs for small and medium enterprises?

Online Presence

Apart from having a physical location and an actual team to get things done, an SME requires an online presence. This includes having your own Virtual Private Network (VPN) which enables you to run the company remotely as well as effectively. Having security Vpn also ensures that access to company information such as documentation and customer databases is also limited to authorised personnel. A VPN also assures you and other users within the network of security online from threats such as cyber hacking and data mining.

Brand Awareness

For any business to be visible, it needs to reach out to their target market. Marketing creates brand awareness, which translates to sales. With social media being the most effective marketing tool, SMEs have to invest in several digital media tools to aid in advertisement and marketing. They also need to have research tools to assist marketers get information on products as well as consumers.


Although SMEs have few employees and deal with fewer tasks compared to big companies, they also require good management to succeed. Management involves not just dealing with shareholders and employees but the handling of processes that make the business operational.

Systems put in place come in very handy to enhance management. These include digitising of customer relationship management (CRM), human resource system (HRM), inventory and accounting systems. These systems make businesses run efficiently and effectively while maintaining quality and customers.